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FIX: Error When Executing Return Code Sqlplus=127


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  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro
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    Sometimes your system may generate an error code indicating that running sqlplus returned error = 127. There can be several reasons for this error to occur. “exit 127” or “return(127)” If LSF returns 127, it means that the job command was not found or could not be executed.

    What is exit code in Linux?

    What is the exit code in any UNIX or Linux shell? The exit code, or sometimes called the return code, is the code returned to the parent process by a good executable. On POSIX systems, the usual exit code is 0 for pluses and any number t 1 to 255 for everything else.

    This virus is created by attaching related code to other files on your PC or on the network. Some of the infected programs may stop working properly.

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    What To Do Now

    Use the following free Microsoft software application to detect and remove this threat method:

  • Microsoft Defender Antivirus for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and it might be Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 1 and Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Security Analyzer
  • It is also recommended that you perform a full scan. A full scan can detect such hidden malware.

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  • ИСПРАВИТЬ: Ошибка при выполнении кода возврата Sqlplus=127
    FIX: 반환 코드 Sqlplus=127을 실행할 때 오류가 발생했습니다.
    FIX : Erreur Lors De L’exécution Du Code De Retour Sqlplus=127
    FIX: Fout Bij Het Uitvoeren Van Retourcode Sqlplus=127
    FIX: Fel Vid Exekvering Av Returkoden Sqlplus=127
    REVISIÓN: Error Al Ejecutar El Código De Retorno Sqlplus=127
    CORREÇÃO: Erro Ao Executar O Código De Retorno Sqlplus=127
    NAPRAW: Błąd Podczas Wykonywania Kodu Powrotu Sqlplus=127
    FIX: Errore Durante L’esecuzione Del Codice Di Ritorno Sqlplus=127
    FIX: Fehler Beim Ausführen Des Rückgabecodes Sqlplus=127