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Best Way To Fix Flash Player 10 Debug Player

You may encounter the Flash Player 10 Debug Player error code. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem and we will do it in a moment.


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    #1 Spark of Light The Flash Lightspark browser add-on can be written in C/C++ format. It can also serve as a decent alternative to buying Adobe Flash Player and can often be used to run various Flash APIs on your device that require streaming interruptions. Lightspark also supports Flash H.264 music on YouTube.

    If someone has installed Excel 2003/2007 and Adobe Professional 7, 8, or 9, someone may get the following error when starting Excel 2003 or Excel 2007:

    Reason For Compilation Errors In Hidden Module:

    This error was caused by loading PDFMaker.xla on startup.



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  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
  • 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro

  • The easiest solution is to remove PDFMaker.xla from your computer. Because Adobe Professional 8 uses a DLL add-on to add the main toolbar to You Excel, the PDFMaker.xla file on someone’s computer could reasonably be deleted.

    PDFMaker.xla may exist in one or more places on your computers.
    Usually PDFMaker.xla is stored in your directory: Profile
    C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftExcelXLSTARTPDFMaker.xla
    Otherwise PDFMaker. xla is reserved in your program’s files directory.

    After deleting the PDFMaker.xla file, the “Compile hidden module: Distmon” error should not appear here when starting Excel. To make sure you have deleted all PDFMaker.xla files, you should look at the C: drive for all PDFMaker.xla files. Be sure to look in subfolders and folders with hidden files and.

    The error described above occurred in conjunction with the following applications:

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional 7
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional 8
  • Adobe Acrobat Professional 9
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2003
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • You may receive a “Hidden module compilation failed” error message when starting Excel.

    Whether it’s Excel or other Microsoft applications, they sometimes get errors. This hidden module compilation error occurs in both MS Excel and MS. But, by the way, in this blog you will learn how to fix the hidden module compilation error in Excel

    If you are actually running MS Excel, the exact error messagee, displayed on the page:

    Compilation error in hidden module: AutoExec

    Compilation error in hidden module: AutoExecNew

    Compilation failed in hidden module: DistMon

    flash player 10 debug player

    If you are using an older version of Windows, such as Windows 95/98, you will probably receive the following error message:

    Excel has encountered an error in the excel.exe module and will close.

    Excel recently encountered a problem and needs to close. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    After an error message is displayed, an error report is displayed with more information about the error. The link will look like this:

    flash player 10 debug player

    – – Vbe6.dll – – 0000d799

    Just click on the link above to see all the facts about this error and according to the theme of the corrupted application you can see the location – Excel /p>

    To fix a compilation error in a hidden module, go through the solutions one by one, but before doing so, you need to determine why this compilation error occurs when showing a hidden module in Excel.

    Why Does A Compilation Error Appear In A Hidden Excel Module?

    Microsoft is updating Office 2016 from 32-bit to 64-bit. This “Compilation Failed in Hidden Error Module” message usually appears when there are definitely 32-bit versions of Dome add-ins outside of Office that are not compatible with the latest version.

    The most common cause of this error is when certain fears come true:

    1: MS Excel starter file if it contains both a template and an Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker add-in:

    Now that you know the cause, which unfortunately results in a compilation error hidden in an element in Excel. Let’s start with solutions to fix this error.

    How Do I Fix Compilation Errors In A Hidden Excel Module?

    1: Re-register OCX Files With Fix Cmd

    In order to compile the error inside the hidden module, you need to go back and re-save some core files in real Excel. Follow the instructions:

  • Run the new system as an administrator.
  • Press the Windows R key + Home.
  • V Type cmd and press OK.
  • Type and write down the following commands depending on the version label:
  • regsvr32 -u c:windowssystem32mscomctl.ocx
    regsvr32 c:windowssystem32mscomctl.ocx

    regsvr32 -u c:windowssyswow64mscomctl.ocx
    regsvr32 c:windowssyswow64mscomctl.ocx

    Well, use MS Excel and you might see that the Microsoft Visual Compile Basic error about a hidden module will probably not be fixed.

    2: Try Deleting .exd Files

    If the basic solution above has no experience in deleting .exd files from its folder, this might help you fix the compilation error in this hidden Excel module. Follow certain steps to delete files:

  • Press Windows key + R.
  • Enter %appdata% and click OK.
  • This will open the application data directory, now select Microsoft
  • Open the forms folder.
  • Select comctllib.exd and mscomctllib. Right-click exd, click it, then click Delete.
  • Removing the .exd files will allow you to start Excel, and the error of creating a hidden module will probably be fixed.

    3. Moving PDF Maker Files

    If you are using Adobe Acrobat PDF Then Maker, you need to move all and Pdfmaker.xla files to another location to resolve this issue. Follow these steps to execute the methods:

  • In relation to the Windows icon and classification, click pdfmaker. *
  • Click on all files and therefore folders.
  • Enter the full or partial name of the pdfmaker file. * and search
  • Once you’ve found someone’s files, right-click the and pdfmaker.xla files and select Cut.
  • Go to desktop and paste
  • After moving PDF files using the steps above, the compilation error related to the hidden Excel module has been resolved.

    Is there a standalone Flash Player?

    Adobe hides the standalone Flash Player very well. It is still called “Flash Player Substance Debugger” on the Adobe website. To get the program, visit the Debug Downloads page on the Adobe Flash Player website.

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