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How Can I Fix How To Add Additional Mailboxes In Outlook 2003


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    In this guide, we’ll find out some of the possible reasons that might cause additional mailboxes to be added to Outlook 2003, and then we’ll suggest possible solutions to fix the problem. Click Advanced Settings. In the Microsoft Exchange Server window that appears, click on the specific Advanced tab. In the Add Mailbox window that appears, enter a typical Exchange mailbox name (for example, Automotive) in the Add Mailbox: section and click OK as well. Click “Apply”, which means “OK”.

    Recently on our forum, an attacker asked how to add a second mailbox to your Outlook 2007 client. I must admit; This process is inferior to its Outlook 2003 client and it took me a few minutes to stumble upon it. But it only takes a few seconds to complete the approach, so let’s get started.

    how to add additional mailboxes in outlook 2003

    Updated 05/19/2010: Added an additional mailbox to Outlook 2010

    Update 7/24/2012: How to add an additional mailbox to Outlook 2013

    Step 1: In Outlook 2008, click Open, Tools, Account Settings.

    Can I have two inboxes in Outlook?

    You can add up to 20 different email accounts to an Outlook account. In addition to acting as an email client, Outlook is also an effective email aggregator. You can even add email accounts that aren’t themselves Outlook accounts, such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

    Step 5. Miscellaneous. Enter a name for the secondary/additional mailbox and click OK.


    : You must have at least read access to the new mailbox; Otherwise, you won’t be able to open exactly a new mailbox after adding it. Ifwho needs help ask your respected sysadmin or your insecure one on my forum.6

    Step. Make sure this new mailbox appears in the “Open these additional mailboxes” box, then click OK.

    How do I add a second shared mailbox?

    Alternatively, you can also access the same dialog box by clicking File -> Account Settings -> Account Settings -> New.Enter an email address with a shared mailbox, click the “Connect” button, and wait for the auto-detect process to complete.

    After adding this new mailbox, your Outlook client will look like this.

    Here are tips for adding an additional mailbox associated with Outlook 2007. This makes it easier to manage multiple email accounts for one person.

    When setting up this account, you can of course either create a new Outlook profile or use an existing Outlook profile. A profile shares all your email accounts, and you probably can’t access more than one profile at the same time. You must close Outlook to access other profiles. DopolFor more information about Outlook profiles, see

    Note. If you have already set up a Microsoft Exchange account in your current Outlook profile, you will need to create a new profile. Outlook only supports one account exchange per profile.

    To Start Creating A New Outlook Profile

    How do I add another mailbox to my Outlook?

    To add another mailbox, launch Microsoft Outlook 2016, then click the File tab > just click onInfo tab > Account Settings.In your account settings, select your current mailbox, then click Edit.On the next screen, select Advanced settings.Select the Advanced tab to click the Add button.

    1. Go to your Outlook email settings. Launch via > Control Panel > Email.
      If you can’t find the Mail button in the Windows Control Panel, try the following.
      In the control panel to the left of the white box, click Classic View. If Mail is still not available as a standalone icon, select the “Show 32-bit Control Panel Items” style for it.
    2. Now click the “View Profiles” button and then click “Add” to create a new profile.
    3. Enter a name for the current profile and click OK.
      Advice. If during the following operations you encounterWith a pop-up that experts say will ask you to sign in, just click Cancel. You may receive an error message or an additional login prompt, remove the press again.
      Please use your primary email address in the Username field when starting Outlook when you are prompted to enter a referral login.
      You can save your connection history after creating a profile: How to save your Outlook password?
    4. If You Are Using Outlook 2003:

  • Select Add a new email account and click Next.
  • Select Microsoft Exchange Server and click Next.
  • Follow steps 3-12 below.
  • If You Are Using Outlook 2007:

    1. In general, skip the Auto Account Setup page, check the box next to “Configure server settings manually or new server types” and click Next.
    2. Select Microsoft Exchange and click Next.
    3. Enter your Exchange username, such as Also enter your Exchange two username. Also, make sure the text box next to “Use Cached Exchange Mode” is checked for offline use.
    4. Microsoft Exchange Computer:
    5. Use Cached Exchange Mode: Name: Enabled
    6. Use your account/username
    7. Click the Advanced Settings button. NOTE. DO NOT click “Check Names” until you click “Advanced Settings” and complete step 7.
    8. Click Cancel to enter your password.
    9. If you are promoted to work with a bug, click OK or Cancel.
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    11. 1. Download ASR Pro
    12. 2. Follow the on-screen instructions to run a scan
    13. 3. Restart your computer and wait for it to finish running the scan, then follow the on-screen instructions again to remove any viruses found by scanning your computer with ASR Pro

    14. Go to the Login tab.
    15. Make sure you see the “Microsoft to Exchange HTTP Connection” package and click the “Exchange Proxy Settings” button.
    16. Specify the Exchange proxy settings:
    17. Enter a connection. They are shown as configurations below.
    18. Make sure both “On fast networks…” and “On bad networks…” are checked.
    19. Due to “Proxy Authentication Settings” will selectThis is the “Basic Authentication” option.
    20. Click OK.
    21. Click Check Names.
    22. Enter the domain name and password for the username (your username will not automatically match your email address. Please double check your username if the confirmation box appears repeatedly. Name
    23. Your text should now be highlighted. If so, click OK and your account is set up.
    24. how to add additional mailboxes in outlook 2003

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